HLPP 2016
9th International Symposium on High-Level Parallel Programming and Applications

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Symposium venue
HLPP 2016 will be hosted by the University of Münster, Germany and will be held at Alexander-von-Humboldt Haus (GPS coords. 51.959926, 7.605345).

Conference Map
A map of the symposium venue and the reccommended hotels can be found here.

Participants may reserve rooms in any of the Münster Hotels and B&B via your favorite hotel booking website.
There are also two recommended hotels with which we have a discount agreement for participants of the conference. You can book a room by E-Mail (in English) by mentioning the key word "HLPP 2016"

Hotel Jellentrup (info@hotel-jellentrup.de)
Single Room: 68,00 EUR
Double Room (1 Person): 78,00 EUR
Double Room (2 Persons): 98,00 EUR

Hotel Am Schlosspark (Hotel-am-Schlosspark@muenster.de)
Single Room: 78,00 EUR
Double Room (1 or 2 Persons): 103,00 EUR

Please do not forget to mention the key word "HLPP 2016"

Treasures of Münster
If you plan to stay in Münster for a couple of days before or after the conference, be sure to check out the secret places of Münster. 

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